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Free song download by Billy Levin & Steve Jay 'Call Me When It's Over'
Free song download, Gary Perkins song "Love Me Like I Love You" with Nigel Slater on lead vocals.
Free song download, Dave Sheriff Song "To Satisfy Your Love" by Ryan Payling
Free song download by Henry Birkett "Crystal Ball"
Free song download by Chris James "Santa's Coming"
Free song download by Steve Hanks - "The Hangover"

Club News Changes

If any club wants us to put out live updates either here or on the website then let us know about any changes.

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Country Music Taster
If you are a club organisers, festival promoter or just want a good time, Sunday 19th April is the date for you to go along to Lakeside in Surrey to check out the acts you hear about but haven't yet had the chance to see, plus more besides. See the magazine for more details.

The Indians
Eamonn informs us that they are back on tour. All enquiries for bookings and dates call him 07899 766667 or 02870 342452. See alos the advertisement to find out where to hear and see them during March.

Stubby who says he still has a few years left in him yet has been recording with Henry Smith. 

More news and information can be found in the latest 132 page printed copy of Cross Country.


Cross Country April 2020 is now being compiled!

Can we have your news, letters, gig guide and advertisements now.

Copy date: February 28th 2020


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