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Club News Changes

If any club wants us to put out live updates either here or on the website then let us know about any changes.


Cross Country magazine postponement
Cross Country has now postponed publication (since the April issue). Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
We shall endeavour to unravel and extend any subscription by however many months we are out of circulation
and will be in touch with all advertisers as soon as it is safe and possible for us do so.

Please stay safe and we look forward to being back with you soon.

We can respond to emails at, or

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Cross Country is a monthly magazine which brings you a wealth of information about
British Country Music, Country Clubs, including events, including a comprehensive 
UK Country Music Gig Guide  and much much

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Cross Country is a full colour magazine covering the British Country Music Club Scene with over 500 clubs listed.

There are 132 pages with a massive 40 page gig guide with around 80 artists advertising themselves.

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Cross Country features the Ultimate UK Gig List with over 500 Clubs Listed, add yours now!

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