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The December issue of Cross Country is now being compiled and should be available in your club from November 14th.
Last date for copy and advertisements is October 29th.

 Thank You GP

Club News Changes

If any club wants us to put out live updates either here or on the website then let us know about any changes.


Nashville Sessions, Edinburgh Arms, York YO10 4AE

There is a change from the advertised line-up to change to Nashville Session ln 25th November.

We now have Sham Parsons & The Ballin' Angels because Little Blue Thula have dropped out.


Gary Perkins Celebration Evening
First of all thank you for the messages & cards we have received for Gary, we have been overwhelmed by the response.
Due to the amount of people who have contacted us, we have decided to hold a celebration evening for Gary in Doncaster.
We ask all the acts who have been in touch plus any more besides who wish to perform if available (date to be arranged)
that they get in touch with us with their email and mobile phone number so we can discuss details.
There will be further announcements for his fans as to where and when.
If you didn’t get the address of where to send cards and good wishes, it is C/o Gary Perkins, Cross Country, PO Box 4257, Sheffield S25 9DA.
They will be passed on unopened.
In addition, any act that wishes to learn Gary’s song Thank You, we have the instrumental version available.
We would love you to perform the song at the end of your shows.
Please send your email address and who you are and we shall send it to you.




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All Your Latest News

Just to let you know we only have a few rooms left for the Savoy weekend bash in Blackpool.
It's now on a first to book basis for the remaining room. It i's not a weekend to miss out on!
All details in Cross country magazinea or website - 

ad Brean

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