Miscellanious Payments

This is where you can make a misc payment to Cross Country Magazine (Roma Partnership Ltd)
for amounts that are not covered elswhere on the site.
Please make your paypal payment here.
Simply enter the amount in British Pounds you wish to pay and then click on the pay button

eg: To pay £25.00 simply add 25 into the box below and click on Pay Now.

You will be taken to a paypal box similar to the one below.
Roma Partnership Ltd is the Company that owns Cross Country Magazine.
Please check your amount is correct and then proceed to log into your paypal account to make the payment.

Roma paypal

Cross Country Magazine, PO BOX 4257, Sheffield, S25 9DA
Tel: 01909 561003


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Cross Country Magazine
Puddleduck Publishing Ltd
PO BOX 4257
Sheffield, S25 9DA
Tel: 01909 561003 - E Mail

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