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Rob-DavisRob Davis (Publisher & Editor) Rob Davis has been in the publishing industry for over 17 years founding both Up Country and Cross Country magazines. Born in Loughborough, Leicestershire, he has lived in Bedford, Hertford, Cornwall, Plymouth, London and South Yorkshire but not necessarily in that order.
Marilyn DavisMarilyn Davis (Assistant Publisher)
Marilyn is a keen line dancer and has been following Country music for many years. She got involved with the publishing side when she met Rob back in the 1990s. Her involvement in first Up Country and now Cross Country has helped both magazines to be the success they are today.
Janet HibbertJanet Hibbert (Sales)
Janet lives in Nottingham and works out of the Nottingham office co-ordinating advertising, and agent sales. She is the friendly voice of Cross Country who co-ordinates the gig list when all else fails.
Ray PackhamRay Packham
Ray Packham has promoted Country music for 35 years as one of the organisers at the Smokey Mountain CMC, Wythall. Married with one daughter and a much loved grand-daughter, he enjoys Country music festivals and breaks, supporting local clubs and writing reviews. Other interests include football, holidays, gardening, music and reading. His area covers around 12 clubs in the Birmingham, Worcester, Bromsgrove, Redditch and Black Country districts.
Doug ParishDoug Parish
Doug has been a Country music lover all his life and thoroughly enjoy presenting it on his two Country programmes on Somerset¹s 10 Radio and Exmouth¹s Bay FM. He likes to push the boundaries of Country music and cover the full range. If you are a Country music artist or you know someone you think he should play on air then contact him. As far as the music is concerned, if he likes it then he¹ll play it!
Sheila SouthamSheila Southam
Sheila covers parts of the north west and anywhere else that she can get to.
She has been around the UK circuit since 1994 when seeing Garth Brooks at the Opry in Nashville converted her to Country music. She gets asked if she can dance and yes, she can but is as choosy about her dances as she is about acts.
country daveCountry Dave
The Legend likes to hop from club to club in his area where there is a huge choice of venues around South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, West Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and north Lincolnshire. Dave is quite an authority on Country music artists, his favourite group being Lazy Dog.
Andy McArthurAndy McArthur
The Man In Black lives in Lanarkshire. Also known as Andy McArthur, he was born near Glasgow in the very same nursing home as past prime minister, Gordon Brown. Andy is a late entrant into Country and western music which he loves. He dances, he writes articles and he promotes C&W everywhere he goes. He has had 40 years service with BT Openreach as a technician and the Territorial Army where he is known as Major McArthur. Now retired, he works with several charities helping others. It is not all work though, he attends tea dances mid-week for enjoyment.
Andy reports from all over the UK where he travels extensively.
David BairdDavid Baird
David Baird is 54 years old and lives Middlesbrough. He became interested in Country and Western music about 10 years ago. He reports on clubs in Teesside and also parts of North Yorkshire and County Durham. He can frequently be seen at some of the northern festivals. It is the friendly nature and generosity of the audiences that constantly amazes him.
Phill WoodKentish Rover
I am 69 years old, had 3 Heart Attacks in 4 days in 2000, had a Bypass in 2002, now retired and living life to the full. Country Music is something I live and breath, and takes up a very big part of my life, along with Steam Rallies my other hobby. This is the second time I have reported on Country, as I wrote for North Country magazine when I lived in sunny Scunthorpe. To all the Club's who have made me welcome in the South and East Anglia, a big thank yo., I hope by reporting I can put back something into what has given me a lot of pleasure throughout my life.
Brian HerbyBrian Herby
Brian is 64 years old and married to Jenny who is a keen line dancer. He lives in Earls Barton near Northampton and retired due to poor health several years ago. He has been into Country music since the late 1970s and has run several clubs in the Northampton area through the 1980s and 90s including the Phoenix Rising CMC, Drifters CMC and also does the occasional disco in the area.
Brian has been over to the US several times for visits to Nashville, Tennessee and Texas and quite a few other states over the years and now reports for the magazine covering the area around Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. He tries to get to at least one club a week and sometimes two when possible.
Pat TylerPat Tyler
Pat has been interested in the Country music and the Western scene for many years. She did run a stall for around 10 years, travelling the festivals but now just goes as a fan to enjoy them. Her local club is the Xerox where she sells the magazines and a few bits and pieces. Her husband, Len is relief dj and helps with selling the magazines too. The have recently opened the Western Raiders C&WMC in Cinderford, Gloucestershire.
Nick CatfordNick Catford
Nick has a passion for live music and good musicians. He was introduced to the British Country scene in 1989 when he was persuaded to see Sarah Jory at his local CMC. He was instantly hooked and spent the next 8 years travelling around the country on his motorbike visiting clubs and festivals and taking photographs. Nick has worked in local radio and is a qualified photographer. He has written three books and he soon began writing regular reports for Southern Country, North Country and other Country magazines. He took a break from travelling in 1997 but returned to the country scene in 2016. He has swopped his motorbike for a car and now travels around the Home Counties in search of good music. He has three left feet and never dances but he still takes plenty of photos and now writes for Cross Country.
Mervyn J FutterMervyn J Futter
Webmaster, Probably better known as a singer songwriter and compere, Merv is serious about building websites and has taken many courses to further his knowledge and extend his skills.
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