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2020 2021
Jan Nikki Jo Brown  Jan  
Feb Cloud9 Ents & Events
March Ed Cox March  
April   April  
May    May  
 June    June  
 July    July  
 Aug    Aug  
 Sept    Sept  
Oct   Oct  
 Nov    Nov  
 Dec    Dec  
2018 2019
Jan John Permenter  Jan  Karen Craigie
Feb  Alan Patrick
 Feb  Millwood
March  The Rocky Road Ramblers March  Russel K Duo
April  Dave Sheriff April  Cloud 9 Ents & Events
May  Cloud9 Ents Fun In The Sun  May  Carl Shay
 June  Darcy  June  Cloud9 Ents
 July  Trey Jackson  July  Miles & Margaret
 Aug  Joe Hayes  Aug  Holiday Resort Unity in Brean Sands
 Sept  Northam Farm C & W Festival  Sept  Northam Farm 2019
Oct  The Laytons Oct  MT Allan
 Nov  2 Card Trick  Nov  Merv & Maria Duo & Country & Irish Events
 Dec  NAM National Artist Management  Dec  National Artist Management
2016 2017
Jan  NAM Stars 2016  Jan  Johhny T - End Of The Line
Feb  Trey Jackson  Feb  CNN Awards
March  Ray Peters & The Smokey Turtle Band  March  Will Banister
April  The Dave Drain Band
 April  Glenn Rogers
May  CNN Awards & Showcase
 May  Jake Carter
June  Cloud 9 Ents And Events
 June  Cloud9 Entertainments
July  Kevin Duffy Band
 July  Jerry Kilgore
Aug  Sylvan Entertainments
 Aug  Dee D James
Sept  Northam Farm CW Festival
 Sept  Northern Farm Country Festival
Oct  Sammi Lee Bassey
 Oct  Cowboy Boot Store
Nov  Colin James Fidoe
 Nov  Badlands
Dec  NAM National Artist Management  Dec  Jim Worton
2014 2015
Jan  Kinsey Rose  Jan  National Artist Management
 Feb  Whiskey Feb  Stu Edwards & Gone Country
 March  The Indians March  Tom Collins
April  Pig Earth  April  Stonecold Country
 May  Kickin' The Dust  May  Chris Mezza
 June  Merv + Maria & Nicky  June  Longshot
July  The Collection  July  Dave Sheriff
Aug  Country Law  Aug  Ivor James
Sept  Alan & Lyndsey Patrick  Sept  Ronnie Del Rio
Oct  Caroline King  Oct  Caroline King & The NashVillians
Nov  Tumblin' Dice  Nov  The Indians
Dec  The Thornhills  Dec  Nathan Carter
2012 2013
Jan  None  Jan  Red Dirt Skinners
 Feb  Amanda Dee  Feb  Andy Ash
 March  Steve Hanks  March  Mike Lane
April  Gone Country  April  Caity Bear
 May  Rancher  May  Johnny Holland
 June  Dave Montanna  June  Dave Paisley
 July  Noel Flynn July Luke Thomas & Melanie Greggain
 Aug  Dave Inglis Aug  Dave Inglis
 Sept  Texakana  Sept  Jessi Ross
 Oct  Donna Wylde  Oct  Atlanta
 Nov  Pete Jones Nov  Thorne Hill
 Dec  Lee Davis Dec  LAJ


Jan Stig Jan Luke Thomas & Melissa Gold
Feb  Dee D James Feb Spur
March  Natalie Diamond & Julie James March  Jonny Williams & Lynnette Marie
April  Nashville Rose April  C'est La Vie
May  Mike Lane May  The Everlys Experience
June  Cheyenne June  Amy Morgan
July  Diablos July  Nancy Ann Lee
Aug  Ray Peters Band Aug  The Indians
Sept  Kate Corrigan Sept  Stephen Smyth
Oct  Chris Raddings Oct  Caroline King
Nov  None Nov  Dave Inglis
Dec  Darren Busby Dec  Paul D Hopkins
  2008   2009
Jan   Root'n Toot'n Jan  Mel Paul & Mary Lacey
Feb  Merv & Maria Feb   Chrissy Byrne
 March  West Virginia March   Railroad Hobos
April  Carol Stevens & JD Brothers April  Katie Rhodes
May  Stubby May  Plain Loco
June  Jonny-Williams-June-08.pdf June  Rosie Horne
July  Tony Best July  Blackstone River
Aug  None Aug  Jeff Gallant Band
Sept  Travis Logan Sept  Kay D with Redneck Rodeo
Oct John C King Oct  Phil Lloyd
Nov  None Nov  None
Dec Ainsco & Co Dec  Grandpa T Smith
  2006   2007
 Jan  None Jan   Ivor James
 Feb  Sarah Jory Feb   Jim Worton
March  Donna Wylde March  John McCane & Last Of The Breed
April  Dane Stevens April  Cardy & Coke
May   May  Alan Cameron
June  Pure Country June  Ian Cal Ford & The Railman
July  Steve Cherelle July  Susan McCann
Aug  Texas Gun Aug  Buchanan
Sept  Gary Perkins & The Breeze Sept  None
Oct  Henry Smith Oct  Pete Jones
Nov  Country Contrast Nov  None
Dec  Speed Limit Dec  Gerry Ford

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Cross Country Magazine
Puddleduck Publishing Ltd
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